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Institute of Business Administration
University of the Punjab Lahore

This program is aimed at higher-caliber under graduate students who are both academically able and exhibit  strong managerial potential. This program spreads over 8 semesters and covers 132 credit hours in 4 years. The package will consist of 42 courses with 2 months internship in any reputed public or private organization. This program will lead to MBA 1 1/2 years program.

The Pre-admission Entry test forms available from Monday, 10th July, 2017. The last date for the submission of entry test form is Monday, 24th July, 2017.

Admission Criteria: Basic

Additional Marks:   
Hafiz-e-Quran: 20 Marks

Merit Formula: 
Academic Record 70% 
Entry Test 30%


Total Credit Hours: 132
 1st Semester
  BBA 101 Arabic-1
  BBA 102 Business Mathematics
  BBA 103 Freshman English-1
  BBA 104 Contemporary World
  BBA 105 Introduction to Computer Concepts and Application
  BBA 106 Islamic Studies
 2nd Semester
  BBA 107 Arabic-11
  BBA 108 Introduction to Human Resource Management
  BBA 109 Financial Accounting-1
  BBA 110 Freshman English-11
  BBA 111 Introduction to Management
  BBA 112 Microeconomics
 3rd Semester
  BBA 201 Financial Accounting-11
  BBA 202 Business Statistics
  BBA 203 Macroeconomics
  BBA 204 Oral Communication
  BBA 205 Sociology
  BBA 206 Principles of Marketing
 4th Semester
  BBA 207 Business Communication
  BBA 208 Financial Management-1
  BBA 209 Cost Accounting-1
  BBA 210 Money and Banking
  BBA 211 Marketing Management
  BBA 212 Human Rights and Fundamental Rights
 5th Semester
  BBA 301 Business Law
  BBA 302 Cost Accounting-11
  BBA 303 Human Psychology
  BBA 304 Pakistan Studies
 6th Semester
  BBA 305 Business Ethics
  BBA 306 Business Statistics-11
  BBA 307 Taxation Management-1
  BBA 308 Organizational Behaviour
 7th Semester
  BBA 401 Business Research & Report Writing
  BBA 402 Strategic Management-1
  BBA 403 Data Base Management System (DBMS)
  BBA 404 Project/Two Elective Courses (Entrepreneurship)
 8th Semester
  BBA 405 Operations Management
  BBA 406 Management Information Systems
  BBA 407 Logic
  BBA 408 Project/Two Elective Courses (International Business Management )
 Finance (BBA)
  BBA 421 Financial Reporting and Analysis
  BBA 422 Managerial Accounting
  BBA 423 Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
  BBA 424 Financial Management-11
 Marketing (BBA)
  BBA 431 Consumer Behavior
  BBA 432 Advertising
  BBA 433 Sales Management
  BBA 434 Marketing Research
 Human Resource Management (BBA)
  BBA 441 Strategic Human Resource Management
  BBA 442 Human Resource Development
  BBA 443 Organizational Development
  BBA 444 Labour Law in Pakistan
The Institute reserves its rights to offer the above specialization(s) subject to availability of resources...
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