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Institute of Business Administration
University of the Punjab Lahore
    IBA Prospectus 2017 new

Admission to the master of business administration Evening program is open to men and women who have graduated from the recognized colleges or universities whose degree is treated as equivalent to the degree of university of the Punjab.

Note:    Clearance of Entry Test/Interview shall be mandatory for admission in the evening program without exception.


Total Credit Hours: 75
 Compulsory Courses
  B.Admin E551 Financial Accounting
  B.Admin E552 Essentials of Management
  B.Admin E553 Economic Analysis (Micro and Macro)
  B.Admin E554 Mathematics and Statistics for Management
  B.Admin E555 Business Communication and Report Writing
  B.Admin E556 Computer Concepts and Applications
  B.Admin E557 Cost Accounting
  B.Admin E558 Marketing Management
  B.Admin E559 Methods in Business Research
  B.Admin E560 Financial Management-1
  B.Admin E561 Human Resource Management
  B.Admin E562 Data Base Management System
  B.Admin E651 Behavioral Sciences for Management
  B.Admin E652 Entrepreneurship
  B.Admin E653 Computer Based Management Information Systems
  B.Admin E654 Corporate Law and Islamic Ethics in Business
  B.Admin E655 Production Management
  B.Admin E655 Production Management
  B.Admin E656 Managerial Policy
  B.Admin E657 E-Business
 Finance (MBAE)
  B.Admin E670 Financial Analysis
  B.Admin E671 Investment and Security Analysis
  B.Admin E672 Taxation Management
  B.Admin E673 Seminar in Finance
  B.Admin E674 Financial Planning and Controls
  B.Admin E675 Corporate Finance
  B.Admin E676 Auditing
  B.Admin E677 Financial Management-11
  B.Admin E678 Managerial Accounting
  B.Admin E679 International Business Finance
  B.Admin E680 Financial Institutions
 Marketing (MBAE)
  B.Admin E686 Marketing Research
  B.Admin E687 Export Marketing
  B.Admin E688 International Trade and Finance
  B.Admin E689 Sales Management and Advertising
  B.Admin E690 Seminar in Markting
  B.Admin E691 Costing and Pricing for Exports
  B.Admin E692 international Econonic and Commercial Policy
  B.Admin E693 Consumer Behaviour
 Human Resource Management (MBAE)
  B.Admin E756 Strategic Human Resource Management
  B.Admin E757 Indusrial Relations
  B.Admin E758 Performance Management
  B.Admin E759 Organization Dynamics
  B.Admin E760 International Human Resource Management
  B.Admin E761 Human Resource Development
  B.Admin E762 Orgnizational Development
  B.Admin E763 Labor Laws in Pakistan
  B.Admin E764 Cases and Exercises in Personnel Management /HRM
  B.Admin E765 Training Intervention in Job Skills
The Institute reserves its rights to offer the above specialization(s) subject to availability of resources...
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